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Help reduce Global packaging waste by using a RePack bag for your order. RePack is a returnable and reusable delivery packaging service.


Return Process, once delivered:


1) Empty the contents and fold the RePack bag to letter size
2) Make sure the return flap is placed in front and is visible
3) Then simply drop your empty RePack bag into your local letterbox


      All RePack bag returns are FREE of charge.


      Once returned they are checked, cleaned and ready for the next order. Any damaged bags just get recycled. All RePack bags are durable, sustainable and 100% recyclable. Please note: We are not part of their voucher program.


      Check out how to fold and return RePack bags HERE.


      Fabric & Care

      All RePack bags are durable, sustainable and 100% recyclable


      We ship all items in 1-2 business days.

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