Sustainable Product

Code of Conduct

As an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization, Sea Shepherd has a high standard in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and eco friendly sourcing. 

By working with governments and other non-profit organizations, we help improve the quality of water and provide better access to food for local communities. We maintain sustainability through local clean-ups, reporting and preventing IUU fishing, and intercepting ships to prevent the slaughtering of marine life.

These direct-actions continue through to our merchandise products and we take great responsibility in screening and working with suppliers that have the same ecological DNA. Our suppliers are screened for their use of organic or recycled materials, fair trade, ecological certification, sustainable production processes and community involvement. We support our workers and all of our products have GOTS or Fairtrade certifications (or similar).

With our partners we are making steps towards circularity. In the near future we will present innovative ways to empower you to #reusereducerecycle the merchandise you buy here. Sign up to our newsletter for more updates. Here is a selection of suppliers: