Why do you mostly do unisex sizes?

Producing an item for both men and women increases our environmental footprint. We aim to reduce this by providing long-lasting quality items that are both versatile in style and gender. We ensure our items are made from ethical and sustainable manufacturing materials as well as circular processes to conserve our Oceans for future generations.

Do you have a size guide?

Each product has it's own specific size guide. You can find the size guide in the product description. 

What payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept payments made through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, iDEAL, Bancontact, SOFORT and PayPal.

Do we ship internationally?

Shipping is available for select countries only. For a list of regions we ship to and their rates please click here.

How long does is take for my parcel to arrive?

We ship all items in 1-2 business days. Pick and pack takes place from Monday to Friday during normal business hours (CEST). For more details on transportation time please click here. International orders may take some time to arrive because of custom procedures.

Do you provide refunds or exchanges?

Yes. We can refund or exchange items that are defective or damaged. Refunds will be made via your original payment method. Please note shipping & handling is non-refundable unless the product was faulty or the incorrect product was delivered. For more details on returns and exchanges please click here.

Can my purchase be written off as a donation on my taxes?

No. E-store purchases are not tax-deductible.

What is micro waste?

When we wash our clothes, countless plastic fibers from synthetic textiles make their way from the washing machine to our Oceans and get consumed by aquatic organisms. These released micofibers are called micro waste and they ultimately affect our food chain.

How do we reduce micro waste?

1) Buy less but better. Reflect whether or not you really need this item. Check the label and avoid synthetic materials

2) Wash in cold water. Water in combination with heat causes fibers to weaken and release

3) Wash less by airing out clothes and hand washing stains

4) Avoid the spin cycle as it creates friction and causes mircofibers to release

5) Don't wash solid items such as; shoes. Anything solid washed with your clothes leads to more fibers breaking

6) Same concept as per the above, wash textiles based on surfaces for example: separate jeans and fleece coats

7) Don't tumble dry your clothes

8) Wash for shorter periods of time

9) Use less but the best detergent. Look for detergents that have a neutral ph-value and without bleach 

10) Place a filter on your washing machines wastewater outlet and use a washing bag to reduce the microfibers being released

Do you have another question?

Send us an email at contact@seashepherdstore.com