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After years documenting what took place in the blood-filled bay of Taiji - one of the main sites where dolphins are captured - Sea Shepherd decided to change strategy and attack
the economy that lies behind this massacre and supports it: the dolfinarium and aquarium industry. 

Dolfinariums and aquariums attract millions of paying visitors per year. 
Sea Shepherd aims to make people, especially children, understand how much violence, suffering and injustice is hidden behind the dolphin shows.
All dolphinariums should be closed and become a thing of the past. And if you worry about what would happen to the dolphins which are imprisoned inside them and can no longer survive in freedom, try to imagine that you are a dolphin and that you are asked if you prefer to live one day of freedom or another thousand days of captivity and unhappiness. What do you think the dolphin would answer? What would you answer?

This book is a new, important memento that combines the touching story told by Geert Vons (Sea Shepherd) with the evocative, vibrant images by Roger Olmos, vegan artist and animal-rights activist who has been promoting respect for the environment and all living creature for years through his art.


With this book, Logo Sedizioni, in collaboration with Sea Shepherd, launches a new book series aimed at making people of all ages aware of all the crimes committed every day against the oceans and the creatures that inhabit it.


WARNING: This book may contain graphic content that may be upsetting to some people.


  • Author: Geert Vons
  • Illustrator: Roger Olmos
  • Available in Italian-English (Brossura)
  • 48 pages
  • 19cm x 15cm in size
  • Published by #logosedizioni


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